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Release Update: September 2014




  • Teams and profile pages have been redesigned for greater ease of use and to be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Persistent API tokens can be created for automated access to the content of your site
  • Google has deprecated OpenID, so we are making the transition from OpenID to OAuth
    • If you have a site that uses Google to log in, you can convert using the instructions found here
  • Minor Manage UI cleanup
  • Added a note when editing a prerequisite guide that warns you that your changes will be seen on multiple guides
  • People who do not have an account yet can now be invited to join your team
  • Authors can now edit any team’s profile page
  • Team names can now include many more valid characters
  • Added a new PDF viewer with more functionality, such as search and highlighting
  • Moved Table of Contents option above Additional Information section for greater noticeability and clarity
  • Expanded the coverage of our API
    • Added endpoints for private guide teams
    • The following guide attributes may now be modified via the API:
      • Time required, difficulty, image, documents, prerequisites, and flags





  • Fixed a bug where users’ reputation would sometimes be shown on sites where reputation wasn’t enabled
  • Fixed a bug where some Mods and Authors were unable to login when SSO is enabled
  • Fixed the alignment of the Moderation and About tabs on Answers
  • Fixed a permissions bug where Authors couldn’t join Teams
  • Minor UI improvement to the loading spinner animation
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t name a wiki the same thing as a wiki that had been previously deleted
  • Fixed a bug where if you previewed a guide’s intro before it was saved it would cause an error
  • Fixed a bug where if you added a video to a guide that failed to generate a thumbnail it made the guide unusable
  • Fixed a bug where guide blurbs weren’t formatted correctly on mobile devices



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Written by Leslie Bloom

With a background in design and communications, Leslie is passionate about giving manufacturers the tools they need to boost the productivity and confidence of their frontline workforce.

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