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Release Update: October 2014




  • You can now enable Data Capture fields on a guide-by-guide basis
    • Specify which guides you would like Data Capture fields to appear in and which ones you do not
  • Fully translated Dozuki into Russian and Turkish
  • Adjusted spacing around Guide steps’ lines to be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Overhauled the revision history section of Guides and Wikis
    • Style updates to the page that illustrates what changes have been made to Guides and Wikis
    • Guide and Wiki revision history now displays videos that have been added or removed
  • SSO clients will now get a useful error message if an error occurs on logout





  • Fixed an issue where changes made to placed images, such as cropping or adding markers, were occasionally not saving
  • Corrected a typo in our 307 Redirect message
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Category wiki heading style
  • Fixed a bug where editing a Guide video step would require re-uploading the video
  • Fixed a bug where editing an image that was already placed resulted in an unedited copy of the photo appearing alongside the edited copy in your Media Manager
  • Made all of the tabs in the Answers’ About section appear on one line instead of two
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where an error would appear when trying to migrate a question in Answers
  • Fixed issues with Yahoo OpenID Login
  • Made it so placeholder text would no longer show up as user inputted text when previewing a Guide
  • Fixed an issue where users could attempt to delete a step without being logged in
  • Fixed a bug where the Guide Ownership section of a guide’s history would occasionally not display



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