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Release Update: December 2014




  • Released the beta of our new and improved site search
  • Videos attached to a guide can now be up to 5 minutes long
  • Prerequisite guides now have versions associated with them
    • If you would like an updated version of a prerequisite guide to appear within another guide, you must release a new version of the guide that has the prerequisite associated with it
      • This means that a version of your guide will stay the same, even if a prerequisite is changed
  • Enabled the use of Akismet, a spam filter, on some public-facing Dozuki sites
  • Bullets can now be light blue
  • Improved the appearance of the text editing toolbar
  • Added "Large" and "Huge" size options for images in Wikis
  • Team pages are now responsive
  • Team pages look better on desktop and mobile devices and can be resized while maintaining visual integrity





  • Fixed a bug where the Glossary icon disappeared
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the “Log In” link to overflow out of the site header
  • Fixed a bug where users without permission were able to see the edit interface of an unpublished guide
  • Fixed a visual bug on the Members page of a team
  • Fixed a bug where users could not properly preview the Guide Introduction section
  • Fixed an issue where, when commenting on a guide, pressing the spacebar could cause a video within the guide to play
  • The Language drop-down menu is now sorted alphabetically

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Written by Leslie Bloom

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