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Release Update: January 2015




  • Added the Version Control Management page
    • Easily view which of your documents are unreleased or are out of date
  • Sites can now have a custom subset of supported languages in the language drop-down
  • Added a larger, more visible “Accept Answer” button to threads on the Answers platform
    • The most helpful response to a question can now more easily be accepted
  • Wikis can be searched for using their custom title rather than just the title given when it was created
  • Made minor improvements to the Spam Review feature, such as adding a search functionality
  • Users whose post on the Answers platform is deleted or otherwise moderated by the spam control system will be notified by email
  • Added Wiki and Item filters to our new Cloud Search feature
  • Item pricing is no longer mentioned in the information box that appears when hovering over a part or tool on a guide on private Dozuki sites
  • Added Item availability details to the information box that appears when hovering over a part or tool in a guide on a public facing Dozuki site
  • Made performance and accuracy improvements to the New Guides tool
    • The New Guides tool is only available for sites with Moderated Editing activated





  • Fixed a bug where guide PDFs would not generate when missing certain images
  • Fixed an issue where the Media Manager showed up smaller than it should be when using Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to remove invalid documents from a wiki page
  • Fixed a text alignment bug seen when adding users with lengthy names to a private guide
  • Fixed a bug where editing a guide step’s title occasionally did not work
  • Fixed an issue where existing PDFs would be removed from a guide when new ones were attached
  • Fixed a bug where the “Create a Page” option was removed from the User Menu drop-down
  • Fixed an issue where custom logos would have a small color line appear on the right side of the logo
  • Fixed a bug where guides would occasionally be listed under the wrong heading on the New Guides tool


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Written by Leslie Bloom

With a background in design and communications, Leslie is passionate about giving manufacturers the tools they need to boost the productivity and confidence of their frontline workforce.

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