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Release Update: February 2015




  • Released responsive view for guides
    • The following pages are also now optimized for mobile devices:
      • User Profile, User list, Badges list, User badges list, /Patrol, /Patrol/{device}, Patrol revision, /Contribute, /Contribute/{device}
  • Version support for Guide PDFs
    • When clicking the "PDF" link on a guide, you will be directed to a PDF of the version of the guide you are viewing
    • The title of the version is displayed in the header, so you can easily see what version you are looking at
  • Added API endpoints for saving Data Capture step data
  • Usernames can now contain apostrophes





  • Fixed an issue where the syntax for opening a link in a new window wouldn’t work when linking within your Dozuki site
  • Fixed an issue where some reports pages did not have proper links to get back to reports index
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the Upload limits displayed on the Media Manager did not properly reflect the site’s upload limits
  • Fixed an issue where videos appeared to attach to a Wiki although they did not and are not supposed to attach at all
  • Fixed an issue where the Guide Step bullet selector panel would become partially cut off when opened for the eighth bullet in a step
  • Fixed an issue where the action options for comments on Answers became unclickable
  • Fixed an issue where two “Exit” buttons were appearing in the Media Manager
  • Fixed an issue where the button pressed on a User’s Profile to reveal what teams they belong to was not working
  • Fixed an issue where Admins could not change other users’ avatars
  • Fixed an issue where the Create a Page tool was not functioning


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