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Release Update: March 2015




  • You can now lock your site down to a single language
  • Further optimized Category pages for viewing on mobile devices
  • Made minor optimizations and fixes for the new search bar on mobile devices
  • Made various improvements to the step editing interface
  • Added an API endpoint that allows you to list all versions of a guide chronologically by each version’s creation date
  • Added default avatars for users and teams
  • Optimized notifications that display across the top of a Dozuki site for viewing on mobile devices





  • Fixed an issue with attaching Item Pages with display titles to guides
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to determine which step an image belonged to when viewing a guide on a mobile device
  • Fixed visual issues with viewing Wikis on mobile devices
  • Fixed a visual issue where there was no space between the title of a guide and the navigation bar when viewing on a mobile device
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally users could not import tools from a prerequisite guide
  • Fixed issues with the PDF viewer
  • Fixed an issue with the sizing of Wiki page header background images when viewing on a tablet
  • Fixed an issue with closing notifications in the Media Manager
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a new Wiki page the progress bar had a black background
  • Fixed a visual issue where the user invite controls were hidden
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t change the difficulty level of a guide
  • Fixed an issue where the glossary icon would become hidden behind the underline icon

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Written by Leslie Bloom

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