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Release Update: April 2015




  • The Guide View History page is now available
    • Use the Guide View History page to keep track of your users' activity
    • The Guide View History page allows you to see which guides specific users are viewing and which guides are being viewed the most
  • If you have SSO or SAML turned on you can set a custom URL for your users to be directed to once logged out
  • Made style tweaks to the popup that appears when adding a word to your glossary
  • Made improvements to PDFs, such as fixing escaped text in the conclusion and making longer titles fit better
  • Lengthy team names are now displayed on multiple lines when viewing a team’s profile, when looking at a list of teams, and when allowing a team to view a private guide
  • Changed the style and position of the character counter that appears when adding bullet points to a step
  • You can now edit a comment you have made on an Answers post up to 24 hours after submitting it
  • There is now a note that indicates when a comment made on an Answers post was edited
  • The team editing interface is now optimized for mobile devices
  • Any teams that you are a member of will appear at the top of the list of all teams
  • Made visual improvements to the bullet points on guide steps
  • Images in the “Additional Information” section of Wikis, Category Pages, and Item pages are now automatically aligned left
    • Images now automatically align with the text on your pages
  • Updated the style of the login page
  • Made minor aesthetic changes to Answers History
  • Changed the view counter at the bottom of Guides to show the number of views in the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and all time views
  • You can now attach documents to posts on Answers
  • Guide introductions and conclusions are now limited to 2000 characters
    • This helps standardize how content will appear across all platforms
  • Made minor aesthetic improvements to the “Details” tab of the Guide Editing Interface
  • Created printer-friendly versions of many pages
  • Made visual optimizations to error messages shown in the Media Manager





  • Removed the erroneous “You must show a guide to preview” error that appeared when editing or adding custom CSS to your Dozuki site
  • Fixed a visual issue where the bar on top of guide pages with the View/Edit/History options wasn’t aligned properly on select Dozuki sites
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty of a guide could not be changed if your Dozuki site’s default language was Non-English
  • Fixed an issue where changing a site’s privacy setting would not update the privacy of guide PDFs
  • Fixed a bug on Dozuki sites where some teams were incorrectly shown as “Community” type
  • Fixed an issue where the history of posts on Answers displayed incorrectly
  • Patched an XSS vulnerability on the Answers History page
  • Fixed various issues with the optimization of User Profile pages for mobile devices
  • Made a visual adjustment to the inline PDF links
  • Fixed a bug with making a cell in a table span multiple columns
  • Made a visual adjustment to Wiki History pages so that they more closely match the format of Guide History pages
  • Fixed a bug where videos could occasionally not be deleted from a user’s media manager
  • Fixed a visual issue where lists would overflow when placed next to a floated image
  • Fixed an issue where image markers would not display in the markup editor under very specific circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where ambiguous error messages would be shown when logging in via Yahoo or Google using the new login interface


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