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Release Update: May 2015



  • A beta of the highly anticipated Approvals feature has been released
    • Ensure the accuracy of your documentation by requiring a series of digital signatures by key personnel before new version of a guide can be published
  • A Guide Duplicator tool is now available for use
    • Make copies of your guides
  • We redesigned the Answers platform and will begin rolling it out to individual sites over the next week
    • Answers now has a cleaner, more modern look
    • It is now easier to ask and edit a question
    • Subscribing and participating in questions is easier
    • Answers is now mobile friendly
  • The Spam Review tool now moderates wikis, item pages, and comments
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the Spam Review tool
  • Added a search functionality to the Spam Review tool
  • Increased the character limit for Data Capture fields from 32 to 70 characters
  • On sites with the Version Control feature activated, hovering over a Guide on a Category page will display the title and date published of the guide’s current version
  • “Metal Piping” a spam user now deletes any Wikis that were only created and edited by that user, as well as reverts any edits they’ve made to a Wiki page that has no further edits thereafter
  • Optimized the API 2.0 Documentation, Help Documentation, Document Metadata pages, Image Metadata Pages, and the Create a Page tool for mobile viewing
  • The label that appears when hovering over an item on a Guide now displays the name of the item
  • Improved the appearance of find-as-you-type category autocomplete
  • Added three new Marker types: lines, arrows, and gap markers
    • Gap markers have been frequently requested to illustrate spacing
  • Added additional keyboard shortcuts for working with image markup





  • Fixed an issue where a banner would appear on a Data Capture step form saying it was saved successfully before any content had been filled out
  • Fixed a bug where comments on a deleted wiki were still appearing
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Guides and Wikis in the Site Explorer were organized illogically
  • Fixed a bug where prerequisites would display in a guide as their original title even if had been changed
  • Fixed issues with formatting on Category pages
  • Fixed some visual bugs caused by implementing more internationalization features
  • Fixed a bug where certain bullets in PDFs did not match the ones on actual guides
  • Fixed an issue where certain pages would not work if the user’s view language was not set to English
  • Fixed an issue where edits made simultaneously may have displayed out of order on the wiki history page
  • Fixed an issue where documents appearing in search results did not have images associated with them
  • Fixed an issue where guides were inheriting flags from prerequisites that did not apply

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