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Release Update: June 2015



  • Revamped the Ask a Question form, making it easier to ask questions about the correct topic
  • Added “Answered!” button to questions with an accepted answer, making it easier to jump to the solution
  • Member reputation is now displayed in the answers index to better highlight users expertise
  • Members are now immediately notified when someone has responded to their question instead of at the end of the day
  • Improved behavior of Login/Register/Reset Password to not redirect to home page and added the ability to navigate between these three screens with the browser’s forward/back buttons
  • Reformulated Approvals view to change Approvals to a tab in “Guide Edit” instead of a sidebar
  • Allows users to force-close a pending release in order to create a new release
  • Provides reminder notices for users when they have pending approval requests
  • Tweaked the guide duplicator to use the more user-friendly guide URL instead of the XML link





  • Fixed an issue on the password reset page where pushing the tab key with a textbox focused would result in unexpected behavior
  • Fixed an issue on sites with Google/Facebook login enabled where double-clicking the login button would cause a login failure
  • Fixed issue where guide PDFs occasionally would render without bullets
  • Fixed an issue where moderator posts were flagged for spam review instead of being immediately posted
  • Addressed a bug where an empty status message appeared to users when resetting passwords or when they had an incorrect email address
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances, media uploads and manipulation would fail
  • Fixed a bug where under rare circumstances, guide pages would fail to load
  • Fixed a bug where the “reset password again” link shown after clicking on an expired password reset link would only show the login modal
  • Fixed a bug where debugging information appeared in certain site messages
  • Fixed a bug that caused markup to be removed from an image when cropped
  • Fixed a bug where nudging a line in the markup editor with the “-” key caused the line to change orientation
  • Fixed a bug where users received an error when trying to preview edits made to a question
  • Fixed a variety of small issues relating to moderator actions on answers, as well as tweaking some display issues
  • Tweaked the appearance of category header images on mobile view
  • Added validation to responses to questions to help ensure they are posted to the right place
  • Fixed a bug where login errors were appearing behind the login window, rendering them invisible
  • Fixed a bug causing occasional empty search results
  • Improved the appearance of pagination links on mobile devices
  • Addressed confusing ordering of guide steps and proper display of images in guide edit history
  • Fixed a bug that appended tags left in the “add tag” field onto pre-existing tags, i.e. when editing tags on a question
  • Tweaked avatar display problem in recommended question list
  • Fixed a bug that prevented device images from displaying in the questions list despite the question being linked to a device category with an image
  • Fixed a bug where users could try to answer closed posts
  • Fixed a bug causing rendering issues in IE 11
  • Fixed a bug where new answers notifications were being sent to the question answerer instead of the question owner
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, /Answers filtering options were unavailable
  • Tweaked avatar image size for better display in header and profile view
  • Fixed a bug that affected properly saving and editing approval processes on guides
  • Fixed styling on dropdown menus for guide release versions and worklogs
  • Fixed an issue that caused guide approval process names to be double escaped
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, the login pane would be empty
  • Fixed a bug that affected password verification for users on sites with SSO enabled
  • Fixed a bug where user badges were displayed on sites without badges enabled
  • Tweaked the style of the header on guides with release versions enabled
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users on private sites from resetting their passwords
  • Fixed an error occurring when logged out users visited approvals page


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Written by Leslie Bloom

With a background in design and communications, Leslie is passionate about giving manufacturers the tools they need to boost the productivity and confidence of their frontline workforce.

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