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Release Update: July 2015




  • We now send emails notifying users when their questions are about to be automatically archived, giving them the opportunity to update them
  • Added a new interface for single-video, single-step guides; videos added to a guide’s introduction are displayed full-width, and the wiki/guide toolbar includes a video embed link button to make adding videos convenient
  • When questions or posts are updated, the updates are now appended to the end of the post beneath an “Update” header
  • Added “View Profile” link back to the header's drop-down menu





  • Fixed a bug where even if public registration was disabled, a non-functional “create account” link still appeared for all users
  • Fixed a bug where a user's badges were occasionally displayed in the wrong language
  • On the Approvals Requests page, moved Request Eligibility drop-down to the left and Request Status dropdown to right to make filtering Approval requests more intuitive
  • Fixed an issue affecting element spacing in tablet and mobile display of guide creation and edit pages
  • Fixed rendering of search bar in mobile view
  • Tweaked display of pagination on mobile devices
  • Made a slight change to the user activity display so that when there is no up/downvote history for a user, the up/downvote history indicator is not shown
  • Tweak display so that mobile pagination style shows only on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where edits to the main image of a guide—if made from the guide details page—would not apply on save
  • Fixed a bug where searching on the Answers page only worked if the “enter” key was hit, and not if the search button (magnifying glass) was clicked
  • Updated styling of the moderation modal and fixed a bug where opening the modal caused the page to automatically scroll back to the top
  • Fixed a bug that caused guide deletion for guides with PDFs to fail
  • Amended API documentation to add missing parameters, fix typos/grammar, and add a list of our supported image formats
  • Fixed a bug where teams' descriptions were not displaying when browsing the site in languages other than English
  • Fixed a bug where wikis were not being filtered for spam
  • Fix a pagination issue on Answers causing the page to be blank
  • Allow native video embeds in questions, answers, and wikis

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