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Release Update: August 2015




  • Changed Category menu to use an autocompleter instead of a dropdown menu when there are more than 25 categories
  • Sites with the public editing feature enabled now have “new_guides” and “new_wikis” pages
  • Added email notifications to approvals processes, so that users are notified when they have been added to, or removed from, an approval process stage, when their approval is required, and when an approval stage has been approved, denied, or completed
  • Re-styled “read more” links around the site for greater visibility
  • Improved validation error messages so that they are more intelligible





  • Fixed a bug where sites using the Approvals feature, but without the Teams feature, saw team-specific options for approval requests
  • Fixed various small bugs on the Management Console relating to the modal windows that appeared when adding, removing, or inviting new users
  • Fixed a bug where re-enabling disabled users did not cause the cost modal window to display
  • Fixed a display bug affecting the Step Data icon
  • Hid the Dozuki Launchpad on mobile devices to reduce clutter
  • Fixed display bug on Answers
  • Fixed site search so that a chosen search category (i.e. devices, guides, answers) persists between queries
  • Fixed a bug that prevented prerequisite guides from showing when previewing a guide
  • Fixed a bug that caused revised guides to have disordered or missing steps in certain circumstances
  • Fixed various small visual bugs related to the site’s font switch to Lato
  • Fixed rare a bug where the wrong video was being copied to a user’s media manager
  • Fixed a bug where, on Teams pages, filter selections were not being applied when switching to a subsequent page
  • Updated tabs on tabbed pages to be more appropriate to the particular page, i.e. Members, Teams, etc
  • Fixed a bug that caused quotes to be automatically and erroneously placed around paragraphs within block quotes
  • Fixed rendering of voting container in posts on the Answers page
  • Tweaked text alignment and image placement on guide blurbs
  • Fixed a bug where even edits made by admin-level users were being patrolled, instead of automatically approved
  • Tweaked wiki page button sizes, making them wider to accommodate foreign languages that otherwise caused text wrapping
  • Fixed a bug affecting image cropping in the media manager
  • Fixed an error causing a crash when trying to load a guide’s history
  • Fixed issues with multiline wiki table cells
  • Tweaked guide blurb groups display on category pages to unify desktop/mobile experiences

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Written by Leslie Bloom

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