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Release Update: September 2015




  • Added “data capture” toggle frame (currently on Guide Introduction pages) to Guide Step Edit pages
  • Added a new work log view
  • Moved the “Create an Approval Process” button to the top of the Approval Process management page
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
  • Added stats tracking for “I have this problem too” button on questions
  • Added date to “Update” header in updates to questions
  • Introduced redesigned badges
  • Increased the number of images rendered into the page vs added later via lazy-load to increase page responsiveness for mobile users
  • Add analysis test and reporting functions for detecting duplicate filenames
  • Added preliminary access to new Guide Translation UI
  • Created an Interface to add documents to wikis
  • Indexed documents so they appear in site search after you've attached them to wikis
  • Added support for machine translation of wikis into other languages
  • Restored ability to upload PNG images via the media manager
  • Introduced better support for user locales when formatting and displaying dates
  • Enabled internationally formatted dates based on selected user locale





  • Fixed a visual bug on the Dozuki Help page
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the wrong video to appear in guide step history
  • Fixed sample guide image and some spacing issues
  • Fixed text overflow issue on guide release version selection menu
  • Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, visiting a Dozuki Help page would redirect your browser to the Manage interface
  • Fixes a bug where clicking on some items in Patrol would redirect to Patrol.
  • Fixed a bug causing image stretching in Media Manager
  • Fixed a bug in the banner notifying mobile users of our Android phone app that caused the “Install” button to display improperly
  • Fixed a bug where items in Patrol were not being successfully marked as approved or denied.
  • Fixed various small bugs related to stylistic (i.e. “border box”) updates
  • Tweaked the display on modal windows
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when tabbing through fields on an edit page
  • Fixed overflowing links on device pages
  • Fixed a bug on Team Members pages where user reputation wrapping was disrupting the page layout
  • Fixed a bug affecting image borders in wikis that caused the right border to disappear
  • Numerous tweaks to the Search UI, including fixing overflowing text and spacing inconsistencies
  • Addressed issues with display of Lato font
  • Fixed a bug causing inconsistent font display
  • Addressed issues with display of Lato font on Guide pages and the Category Manager
  • Addressed issues with display of Lato font sizes on Guide pages
  • Fixed a bug where the home page header would become unresponsive if a video were embedded on the page
  • Fixed a bug where member profile avatars linked to the thumbnail image size, instead of the standard
  • Fixed a bug where guide step thumbnail images for video steps were not displaying in Guide PDFs
  • Updated Guide pages so “All” filter sorts by guide creation date rather than guide title
  • Updated Badges page tooltips to have rounded corners
  • Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, loading teams would fail
  • Fixed a bug where when viewing an Answers page in a narrow-width browser, header menu items would not expand when clicked
  • Adhere to the ControlSignature sniff test
  • Fixed a bug where the time shown on comments was incorrect
  • Fixed a bug in pagination buttons in tablet-size viewports

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