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Release Update: October 2015




  • Converted guides' "time required" to use an integer time unit or range
  • Converted email templates to HTML to enable sending emails in different languages
  • Added more reports to sites using the work logs feature
  • Added functionality so that in-progress and prerequisite guides appear in site search results
  • Changed the Example category placeholder text to be more helpful to our customers
  • Updated placeholder images and open graph tags to use custom generic images instead of no image
  • Add a requirement for business' phone numbers and addresses upon creation of a business team
  • Tweaked styling of the in-browser PDF viewer to include the iFixit site header





  • File drag and drop now works in IE 10 and above—as well as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Fixed bugs related to existing non-business teams converting to business teams
  • Fixed a bug where, when trying to import guides, guides without a release version were interpreted as nonexistent
  • Fixed some visual bugs on /Answers, particularly concerning tablet widths
  • Removed support for translating questions, answers, and comments due to some implementation issues
  • Fixed a bug affecting the preview of wiki summaries
  • Fixed a bug where the borders on guide step thumbnail images were occasionally invisible
  • Fixed errors that occurred when trying to moderate comments on a post via the "Moderate" page
  • Updates site functionality to play high-resolution videos when they are available
  • Fixed a bug where the appearance of taller modal windows was prematurely cut off
  • Fixed a bug where the "send message" button was not working
  • Fixed wrapping of username/reputation that was occurring with long names
  • Fixed a bug that caused thumbnails in the Media Manager to display at inconsistent sizes
  • Fixed a bug where guide step images did not correctly appear on /Patrol
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDF text to be very small, due to a very long link wrapping in the document
  • Fixed some visual bugs related to user profile display
  • Fixed a file upload bug where clicking "choose files" didn't do anything
  • Fixed tab display on the "Moderation" section of /Manage to make it show only the appropriate tab or tabs depending on enabled features


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Written by Leslie Bloom

With a background in design and communications, Leslie is passionate about giving manufacturers the tools they need to boost the productivity and confidence of their frontline workforce.

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