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Release Update: November 2015




  • Added full translation functionality for wikis, categories, and items
  • Added ability to see view statistics for different languages
  • Enables users with author-level access to see the "Reports" tab in /Manage
  • Enabled users with author-level access to use the guide translate UI
  • Unified slider style elements
  • Allow links using the non-http protocols (file:// ftp:// smb:// nfs:// cifs:// ftps://) on private sites
  • Add keyboard shortcuts link to spam review and guide edit pages
  • Updated how information on guides and wikis—that aren’t written in English—are displayed
  • Added new /Shortcuts page detailing keyboard shortcuts
  • Added a keyboard shortcuts modal to Spam Review and guide edit pages





  • Fixed a slight size discrepancy between the time-estimated text-boxes
  • Fixed a bug where guide PDFs would fall behind the current guide revision
  • Fixed some bugs affecting redirection between different languages
  • Fixed a bug where badge names and descriptions weren't being translated
  • Fixed a bug affecting the ability to see prerequisite guides on "guide preview" for sites with the release versions feature
  • Fixed bugs affecting patrolling edits that had been wrongly marked as spam
  • Fixes a bug where wiki blurbs occasionally displayed an outdated image
  • Fixed a bug where the "Remove as Spam" button showed twice in the moderation modal
  • Fixes a bug where a guide can be added as a prerequisite of itself
  • Fixed behavior so that guides that are no longer prerequisites can be deleted; previously, guides could not be deleted if they had ever been used as a prerequisite
  • Fixed a bug where guide releases could not be reverted to earlier versions
  • Fixed a bug where the contextual content could not be displayed when moderating comments on guides and guide steps
  • Ignore "command," "control," and "shift" buttons when using moderation keyboard shortcuts to ensure there is no interference with browser shortcuts
  • Fix a bug that was slowing performance on the guide home page
  • Fixed a bug affecting moderating wikis on Moderation
  • Made styling of text boxes for Dozuki's "time required" fields in guide edit more consistent
  • Fixed a bug where certain search results were not appearing in the guide prerequisite autocompleter
  • Fixed a bug affecting guide snapshot view
  • Fixed a bug that affected API documentation
  • The guide prerequisite autocompleter restricted its suggestions to the guide topic; it is now possible, via an option at the bottom of the dropdown menu, to search all guides
  • Users can now attach any guide they have permission to view as a prerequisite, even if that guide is private or in-progress; this does not apply to Dozuki sites with release versions
  • 3gp format video is no longer supported by the Media Manager

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