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Release Update: December 2015




  • Updated styling of the "I did it!" button to reflect reputation awarded to the author(s) when people complete guides
  • Added support for renaming Approval Processes
    • Guides with Approval Processes now display the approval process title, as well as approval status ("pending" or "approved") in the title bar where the release version title is displayed
  • Reduced the number of triggers that bump questions to the top of the Answers list
    • These events will now move a post to the top: post created, posted edited by author, answer posted, answer accepted, and comment posted
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic, and underline. You can also now select text to quote, press 'r', and it will quote the text in your answer or comment
  • Changed permissions requirements for Reports to allow Authors, Moderators, and Author & Moderation users to view reports





  • Fixed a styling issue on the guide edit page related to notification messages displacing other elements on the page
  • Fixed an issue where New Answer notification emails were not being sent
  • Fixed a bug where guide tags could not be edited if the site's language was not set to English
  • Updated Approval Process emails to include the release title when a process stage is started or finished
  • Fixed an issue where removing all tags from an Answer in a single step would fail to remove any.
  • Fixed an issue where image markup would be placed in an incorrect position when added from Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where a Guide's description may show in certain places in a language different from the view language
  • Fixed an issue where users of the Moderator privilege level were allowed to perform admin-only actions
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances, the Guide Comment form would not behave properly and would result in a loading message that would not dismiss
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, users would not be able to change view languages if they had come to the page by a link that specified the language
  • Fixed a display bug on Answers pages causing blockquoted text to have incorrect margins
  • Fixed a bug where SSO login was blocked by pop-up blockersFixed a bug where category pages were not displaying guides sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a display problem where the addition of notification dates was causing notification text to wrap


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