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Release Update: January 2016



  • Completely redesigned the guide embed feature to enhance its appearance and usability; we will continue to support the old embed code, but updating to the new IFRAME will improve functionality
  • Added the option for customers to receive reply emails to a personal email account instead of; save your new email domain in your Management Console
  • The approval notification email now includes notes left by the user(s) responsible for the approvals process stage
  • Our GET API endpoint for guides used to only return public guides to Admins. Now, it returns all guides that are accessible to the user making the request
  • Wikis now have one translation selector; and guides that aren't translated yet are marked by a language label, i.e. “EN” for English
  • Added a warning for translators translating guides that have prerequisite guides
  • Made the title on any Answers page link to the main Answers page when clicked from a subcategory
  • Updated to Google’s newer Universal Analytics Javascript for collecting traffic data
  • Device or category titles with a date range—i.e. 2001-2005—will now get a subheader including intermediate dates; this also resolves search problems that prevented intermediate dates from being found
  • Added a soft deletion functionality to guides—allowing them to be restored later if necessary; contact your Dozuki Account Manager for more information
  • In addition to file search and drag and drop, it is now possible to copy and paste images from your computer or the internet into the Media Manager when using the Chrome web browser. Right click or Ctrl C to copy an image and right click or Ctrl V to paste it. This feature will be coming to other browsers near you soon
  • Enabled embedding mailto: links within Guide introduction and conclusion fields





  • Fixed bugs related to the parsing wiki formatting syntax and improved the overall functionality
  • Made numerous improvements and bug fixes to spam handling
  • Fixed a bug where certain emails were being sent more times than necessary
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the dropdown calendar was overlapping other parts of the page
  • Fixed a bug causing categories to be sorted incorrectly if a translated category was present
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing multiple guides with the same name from being displayed on the device page
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping users from being notified immediately if a comment they left had been marked as spam
  • Fixed a bug affecting guides' normal alphabetical ordering

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