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Release Update: February 2016




  • Improved how the language selector appears on guides and wikis by moving it to the top of the category page
  • Added the option for viewers to subscribe to a post, without creating an account, by simply entering their email address
  • Started displaying numbers in the appropriate format based on user’s selected language
  • Added Japanese to the language options
  • Removed the minimum resolution limit on images added to Wiki pages
  • Added ability to add tables to Guide introductions
  • Added functionality so that Answers and document links are automatically detected and transformed into wiki syntax like [document|1234]
  • Guides now include a page that shows all the prerequisites used in the guide
  • The Management Console now includes a page to view all guides that are used as prerequisites
  • Added a warning when users on sites with the release versions feature attempt to add as a prerequisite a guide that has never been released





  • Fixed a bug that would happen when a site had reached its max users and a new user signing up via SSO received an ambiguous error
  • Fixed a bug where, if a user unsubscribed from their own question, re-subscribing wasn't possible
  • Fixed a minor bug in which release note versions were not being vertically aligned properly on the page
  • Fixed a visual bug that affected the "You're Finished!" button at the bottom of guides, causing it to look awkward in some languages
  • Fixed a bug where links to guides in Spam Review did not link properly to guides in languages other than the default language
  • Fixed a bug where untranslated prerequisites of a translated guide did not load properly
  • Fixed a bug affecting sites with release versions, where published guides with translations did not appear in the translated language when viewing the site in that language
  • Fixed a bug in which URLs were not being displayed in the Suppliers table on Wiki pages
  • Fixed a bug where certain device images were not appearing on related questions in the Answers index
  • Fixed a bug where certain words in a chain of breadcrumbs would appear in different languages
  • Fixed a bug that caused introductions to display improperly in guides duplicated with the duplicator tool
  • Fixed a bug where guides whose tags had been edited could no longer be found when searches were run using their new tags
  • Fixed a bug affecting sites with release versions, when admins would try to view a guide with no release version
  • Fixed a bug causing users' custom CSS in guide PDFs to not be displayed
  • Fixed a bug where guide steps in need of re-translation were not being properly marked as such
  • Fixed a bug where a user's name, instead of privilege level, was being shown in emails inviting new users to a site
  • Fixed a bug where denied pending changes to a guide step were causing problems when subsequently editing that step
  • Tweaked the document link that appears on wikis so that it renders better
  • Fixed a bug where custom favicons were being overridden by the Dozuki favicon
  • Before, when loading a guide in a language that was not the user's view language, the user's view language would be set to the same language as the guide
    • Now, the guide loads without affecting the view language


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