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Release Update: March 2016




  • Users who are part of an Approvals process will now receive a real-time notification when it is their turn to approve a change
    • Reminder notifications will be sent to users and teams who have not addressed outstanding process stages for more than 24 hours
  • Improved the style of all sliders across the site.
  • Improved the speed and functionality of the guide duplicator
  • Internationalization improvements





  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Google Analytics from reporting data for several sites
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping earned badges from displaying on the User’s profile page
  • Updated all buttons on the site to be rectangular, rather than pill shaped
  • Fixed a bug where a second search bar was appearing on the mobile view of the Teams page and overlapping the “New Teams” button
  • Fixed a bug in which some comments left on the Answers page were being displayed in a smaller font than the rest
  • Emails sent in reference to a question that contained a video were displaying a broken link to that video, we fixed the link
  • Fixed a bug in which the ‘New Page’ button wasn’t positioned correctly on mobile devices
  • Fixed several minor bugs on the Edit Guide page by repositioning the sidebar
  • Fixed a bug on the Manage page that was causing placeholder avatars to display instead of users actual avatars
  • Fixed a bug in which the number of products shipped on a particular day was being miscalculated
  • Fixed several minor UI bugs that were occurring on pages translated into a right-to-left language
Leslie Bloom

With a background in marketing and design, Leslie leads Dozuki's efforts to create and distribute valuable resources related to standard work, training, and lean manufacturing.