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Release Update: April 2016




  • Added right-to-left compatibility to the Management Console aka /Manage.
  • Added support for translating Guide PDFs.
  • Redesigned Media Manager to make it more mobile friendly.
  • Redesigned the slider UI element.
  • Added the option to import all relevant prerequisite guides with a single click. And you can import the same prerequisite guide multiple times within your prerequisite guide list.
  • Updated the style of buttons across the site.
  • Added the ability to search for teams by name when editing private guides.
  • Stopped autofilling the index title on the guide creation page.
  • Improved the format of the page footer to have a cleaner design.
  • Added a recent activity link to the user row in the management console.
  • Admins can now access a language switcher to change the language of a Wiki or Guide.
  • Updated Guide History to support multilingual edits.
  • Updated Guide History so that similar revisions will be grouped together into a single edit.
  • Redesigned the link modal in on Answer and Wiki pages to make it more intuitive.
  • Added an automatic rollback for failed commands.
  • Began grouping all translations of a guide into a single index document.





  • Fixed a bug in which some elements where overlapping on the mobile view of the Teams page.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing guides in different languages to not display properly on the Manage Console aka /Manage.
  • Fixed a bug in which extra white space was being inserted at the end of Answers.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the new autocomplete function on dropdown input fields.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing translation edits made to certain steps from being saved.
  • Removed a security vulnerability that allowed scripts to be injected into wiki pages.
  • Fixed a bug in which links in questions on device pages were not working properly. This was happening if the device page did not exist in the same language as the question.
  • Fixed a bug in which the filters on the user activity page were not displaying properly.
  • Fixed several alignment issues on the Login form.
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of release versions of the Guide view page.
  • Fixed a bug in which the introduction section on guides with data capture was not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug on the User Activity where selecting the Guide or Answer filters would cause the page to error out.


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