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Release Update: June 2016




  • In addition to uploading local files, it is now possible to embed media, like YouTube videos, using Dozuki’s standard integrations. Now you can insert an approved third-party provider URL directly into the Media Manager.
  • You can now create direct links to hidden comments on Answers. Previously, links to hidden comments opened the Answers page on which the comment was left, but did not navigate to the specific comment. Now, direct links open the specific comment.
  • An update to the Media Manager ensures that thumbnails displayed conform to a consistent size for a clean display, regardless of the image dimensions.
  • Updated the look, functionality, and usability of the search-box autocompleter.





  • Repositioned the logging in indicator so that it is always centered on the screen, regardless of screen size or dimensions.
  • Fixed video's embedded in guide steps so that they display properly on all screen sizes.
  • Added mid-word line breaks to embeds so that long words no longer overflow the page.
  • Fixed a bug in which short answers were rendered too thin, causing some text to overflow.
  • Fixed a bug in the guide step translation percentage calculation that was causing fully translated steps to be marked as only partially translated.
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of the text displayed after voting on a post.

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Written by Leslie Bloom

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