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Release Update: July 2016




  • Redesigned the Manage side menu to allow navigation between the manage pages to be more convenient and intuitive.
  • Tweaked the New Guides Manage page to improve usability.
  • Added the ability view guide embed images at full width by clicking or tapping on the image.
  • Added several new features to the guide translation interface including buttons to copy introductory text from the original guide over to the translation, step navigation buttons, and additional keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added a new Translation page for sites that support public translations. This page displays the 10 most popular guides and 10 most popular pages that still need to be translated into the viewer's selected language.
  • Added API support for adding and removing tags from guides and wikis.
  • Added the ability to support 1080p video resolution! Because of this, we created the option to switch the resolution when viewing videos.
  • As requested by several customers, we’ve added the ability to upload and embed videos from Wistia, a video marketing platform, through the Media Manager.
  • Updated the navigation bar on guides to make editing and translating more intuitive.
  • When viewing a guide written in a different language the 'edit' tab now links to the translation interface.
  • Redesigned the appearance of guide flags.
  • In order to reduce confusion when creating new guides and wikis, sites that support multiple languages now have a language indicator on document creation to clarify which language the document will be created in.





  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly restricted Moderator and Author access to several site management pages, including the Guide Duplicator.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple reminder notifications were being sent within a 24 hour period. Now, a user will receive a notification once a day until it is taken care of.
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented the viewing of guides that were flagged as “prerequisite-only”.
  • Instead of breaking the page, trying to add a nonexistent video to a Wiki or Answer will now show a helpful error message.
  • Implemented a fix that stopped preemptively notifying approval request members of an open request if their stage wasn't up for review yet. The notification also disappears after they've approved a stage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented flags from being added to guides and wikis.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented any guides written in a non-default language from being added as prerequisites to other guides.


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