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Release Update: September 2016




  • When viewing an embedded guide, all links will now open in a new window to avoid disrupting workflow
  • Added support that allows the creation of tables in the Conclusion section of guides
  • Added real-time notifications to users who have contributed more than 25% of a guide or to users who have subscribed to guides
  • Added the ability to add a default Approval Process to all guides
  • Made it possible to set a site's default language to an "unfinished" language, meaning that the language has not been fully translated





  • Fixed a bug that would not allow machine translation into the site's default language
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Guide PDF export to break on sites with CDN Privacy enabled

Topic(s): Product
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Written by Leslie Bloom

With a background in design and communications, Leslie is passionate about giving manufacturers the tools they need to boost the productivity and confidence of their frontline workforce.

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