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Release Update: October 2016



  • When a new Release Version of a guide is published, all users who have contributed to, commented on, or favorited the guide will now receive a real-time notification
  • Increased the translation glossary refresh rate so that any changes made to the spreadsheet are now propagated to machine translations on the site within an hour





  • If a release is rejected, the previous release is now correctly recognized as the most recent version such that the “this is an outdated release” banner is no longer improperly displayed on what is actually the most recent approved release
  • Fixed a problem on guides with Approvals where the “publish release” link was appearing despite the most recent edits being contained within a pending release
  • Fixed a bug with guide PDFs where long tool listings would span across multiple pages. If the items do not fit on the first page they are now moved onto the second page as a whole, rather than split in the middle of the entry
Leslie Bloom

With a background in marketing and design, Leslie leads Dozuki's efforts to create and distribute valuable resources related to standard work, training, and lean manufacturing.