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Release Update: January 2017




  • Added support for Lucidchart embeds
  • Added a warning when creating categories within the category manager that are in a different language than the site's default language
  • Removed redundant approval notification emails from single stage approvals processes
  • Added a new user level, Contributor, for Dozuki sites. Contributors will be able to suggest edits to guides and other documents, which can then be accepted or denied in Patrol
  • Updated approvals request emails to be more user-friendly and allow reviewers to take immediate action
  • Added a long-form version of the embed to allow directly embedding manuals in the page
  • Added helpful detail to SAML error messages





  • It is now possible to use the category manager to add and organize categories that are written in a language different from the site's default language
  • Fixed the "Review this release" buttons on approvals request emails so that it links to the release, rather than the review page for the release
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong approval message was sent for an approval request stage rejected on stage 2 or later
  • Fixed a bug where approval stages that hadn't been completed yet were not showing up in the release version details
  • Fixed a bug that prevented blank Root categories from being viewed, edited, or translated
  • Separated document permission changes in the history timeline


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Written by Leslie Bloom

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