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Inspire Continuous Improvement


Wise quotes can inspire. Insightful sayings have the power to spark change and foster a culture of creativity and quality.


Whether it’s on a sticky note clinging desperately to our monitor, or a screensaver that reveals itself as our computer is dormant, these aphorisms serve as gentle reminders to strive for the best in ourselves and our business.


When the same knowledge is more accessible to us and our colleagues, it gives us the chance to unify our thoughts and aspirations. We’ve gathered a collection of shareable quotations from the great Taiichi Ohno, in the hopes that you’ll spread his wisdom across your organization. After all, Kaizen happens one small step at a time — so start now.


Top Ten Taiichi Ohno Quotes Dozuki

Taiichi Ohno was the father of Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing principles and continues to inspire business leaders today. Wise quotes can inspire. Insightful sa...

Corey Brown

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