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Release Update: October 2018

Our product team is always making improvements to the Dozuki work instruction platform. Take a look at the highlights from the previous quarter (July to September 2018) to see the latest product update.





Real-time Email Comment Notifications

Users can now instantly receive an email when mentioned in a comment or are watching a guide where comments are made.

  • Includes new preference settings for email delivery in the user profile
  • Users are also automatically subscribed to any Q&A posts, Wiki or Guide they are @mentioned in
  • This will also affect:
    • Q&A comment notification emails
    • Response notification emails
    • Wiki comment notification emails



Release Version Autonumbering

Admins can choose to utilize a built-in numbering convention for all release versions.

  • Once enabled, any release publisher can set the starting version (Major or Minor) that a particular guide will begin on
  • All subsequent releases will follow a standard convention depending on the release type:
    • For Major: increment version # by 1.0
    • For Minor: increment version # by 0.1



Forward Real-time Notifications from Dozuki to Slack

Supports for a Slack integration with events in a Dozuki site.

  • Open source repository located here



  • Fixed a bug where real-time email notifications were being sent to the same user who made the comment
  • Fixed a bug where authors of wiki documents were not being automatically subscribed to the wiki document created



OnPrem (Locally Hosted)






  • When viewing a guide under version control, shows most recent, complete release for all users types instead of the “Draft”





  • Fixed a bug in the WYSIWYG editor where line breaks would result in an error upon saving
  • Fixed a minor visual bug where the “Bill of Materials” section on a guide would slightly crop item images
  • Fixed query that incorrectly calculated individual user contributions
  • Fixed a bug where notifications weren’t being marked as read
  • Fixed a bug where pdfs attached to a guide were overlapping when editing a guide







  • Added cancel, remove and confirm functionality to the WYSIWYG editor (currently implemented in guide comments and answers)
  • Refactored mobile view of user profile and the notifications tab to show a mobile appropriate icon and align the details appropriately
  • Increased frequency of comment notification emails to every day
  • Allowed Prereq guides (guides tagged with “Prereq-Only”) to display as part of normal search results
  • Implemented a new “Restrict Admin Guide View” feature:
    • When enabled, this feature restricts an Admin’s ability to view private guides unless they are explicitly granted access by listing them as a user as part of a team with proper access
    • This feature can be enabled through the /Manage interface
  • Switched to using a more specific “HowTo” microdata schema for guide content instead of the previous “Article”
  • Increased character limit to 50k and line limit to 20k for the “Introduction” section of guides
    • This enables users to create Wiki documents within the “Introduction” section of guides and receive the benefits of the Guide document type:
      • Data and timing capture per workorder via Operator View
      • Version control via release versions and approvals features
      • Linking to items: parts and tools
      • Additional metadata (time required, difficulty, etc…)
  • All sites are now set to “Private” by default, requiring users to authenticate before accessing any content hosted on the site
  • Enabled better SAML SSO logging for easier debugging of SAML related SSO errors





  • Fixed an error causing intermittent interruption in a user’s ability to begin a workorder from Operator View
  • Fixed a bug where we were using the `filename` within a document’s metadata instead of the `title` of the document in a few locations
  • Removed mentions to private content when viewing users’ public notifications on profiles
  • Fixed a visual bug which caused the list of users within a team signoff in Operator View to be cut off
  • Fixed a bug where cancelled signoffs were still displaying as pending signoffs when viewed remotely
  • We had disabled sites using SSO from using form-based authentication for standard users due to previously identified security concerns. However, these concerns are no longer an issue and this was limiting sites from having standard users be able to signoff or approve releases.
    • With this fix standard users are now able to signoff and approve releases (after they have set a password via their user profile) when the site is using SSO
  • Corrected a bug that had disabled the ability to use the url parameter `?autostart=true` from automatically starting a workorder in Operator View




  • Built a new validation tool to enable support for numeric data capture fields with minimum and maximum thresholds on all versions of IE
  • Allowed Authors to use the “Prereq-Only” Flag (previously limited to Admins only)
  • Added UI clarification regarding supported means of uploading media to media manager



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