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Many of us know Amelia Bedelia from our childhood (or parenthood) as the goofy maid who is constantly misunderstanding directions. For those who aren’t familiar, Amelia is a hard-working maid who all too often misinterpreted her employer’s commands. Typically, she would interpret common figures of speech or idioms quite literally.

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Here at Dozuki, we see a lot of technical documents. In all of this written work, we inevitably come across some mistakes. But hey, pobody’s nerfect. That said, when you see as many technical documents as we do, you start to notice trends. Trends in technical documents can be dangerous because they create systemic inefficiencies in your procedures and impact the overall quality of work.


To help you avoid these issues in your organization, we’ve compiled five common tech writing mistakes to avoid, based on our experiences helping companies create instructions.



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As part of our mission to bring manufacturing excellence and standards to our audience, we are proud to announce our educational webinar highlighting the journey to ISO certification.


Register to view this on-demand recorded presentation with Maneesh Bhatnagar, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement at the Dover Corporation.


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Books are a great way to learn new techniques to train and connect with your employees.

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For years, Patagonia has set a high standard for product lifespan with their Ironclad Guarantee and unparalleled customer service. They’ve been providing free repair services for garments that have been ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged since 1973.

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For startups that have begun to establish themselves as a sustainable business, growing pains are only a matter of time.

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