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Last week we came across a radio segment that outlined an interesting problem that Chicago-based Vienna Beef had with hot dog production. When the company made the transition to a new production facility, their staple product changed — and nobody knew why.

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Without Standard Work, documented processes are often not used, or so out of date, that following them could become problematic. Standard Work is the foundation for any continuous improvement or Lean program, and time observations are the starting point. They are the foundation for which improvements are based on.

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The manufacturing industry is a professional arena with an overwhelming variety of industry terms and acronyms. We’ve tried to make a list of the most common Lean terms before… we didn’t get very far.

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We recently wrote a popular article about a major mistake at a nuclear waste facility. In short, we cited poor standard revision processes as the root cause of the mistake, costing the company $500 million to remediate.

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Is your company interested in reaping the benefits of continuous improvement (transparency, efficiency, cost reductions, etc.) but aren't sure where to begin? Dozuki has you covered.

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Apparently, it was a simple mistake that caused the false missile alert to be sent to phones across the state of Hawaii. And while citizens were still recovering from the disorienting news, media outlets were quick to place blame. 

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Travelers and build books are intimately related, however, with traditional methods they often function independently.

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