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Overview ¶ 

You can attach documents to your guides either as the primary content for the guide itself, or as reference materials for users to access as they move through the process.

Any attached documents will fall under the privacy and document control settings for the parent guide, to ensure complete content control. For example, if a PDF is uploaded to a guide that is Private, that PDF will only only be accessible to the users that have access to the guide on which it is attached. The PDF will NOT appear in search results.

Attached documents will appear at the end of the guide, just after the Conclusion section.

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Attaching Documents to Guides ¶ 

Featuring PDFs ¶ 

You can choose to feature a PDF as the guide content in addition to (or instead of) the guide steps. Featuring a PDF will embed that PDF just below the introduction of a guide, allowing users to scroll through the PDF document right within the guide.

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Editing Documents ¶ 

You can update the file names of your documents as well as upload new versions of documents so make sure your documents stay up to date.