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How they are using Dozuki ¶ 

Beyond Adaptive is using Dozuki's Guidebook for how-to product support guides
for their different mounting products.

Check out it out at the Beyond Adaptive Product Support Portal.

About Beyond Adaptive ¶ 

Beyond Adaptive is a family owned business founded by myself and my husband,
Cedar, in 2010. Our inspiration is our 4 year old daughter Brea, who has cerebral
palsy. She is absolutely amazing and unlike any kid in the whole world, but with
many similarities to so many other children with and without special needs. As our
journey has brought us into the world of adaptive technology, we have learned
that finding just the right piece of equipment is not usually an easy task. So, if you
can’t find it…create it! That sentiment is exactly what has driven my husband, the
co-owner and president of our company. We feel that when you create something
that benefits your daughter, and may benefit others, by all means share it and help
make someone else’s life easier too! We started Beyond Adaptive with a product we
found to impact our lives and have already added additional products. We envision
many more to follow not only to benefit Brea, but also others we will be meeting
along this journey, in and out of the adaptive device market.

Julie Vandergon
Founder and Director
Beyond Adaptive, LLC