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Overview ¶ 

The Dozuki document control features allow you to specify which users should review and approve or reject new versions of each guide. The Dozuki Approvals feature supports one to ten sequential approval stages. A single stage can be assigned an individual user or a group of users, which are referred to as Teams in Dozuki.

For example, when an author publishes a new version of a guide, an Approvals Request will be activated and the first stage of reviewers will be notified by email and our in-app notification system. Each reviewer is required to reject or approve the new release. When the review rejects or approves the release we require them to enter their Dozuki password which acts as a digital signature. Once the required digital signatures are obtained, the new version of the guide will be published as a live version on the site for your users to view.

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Use the Document Control section in your Management Console to create, edit and monitor your approval workflows and releases. Each section is covered in detail below.

Approval Requests ¶ 

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The Approval Requests page is where you can view all approval requests that have ever existed on your site. You can use the filters available in the top menu to customize the display.

Request Eligibility ¶ 

Request Eligibility filters the requests according to their assignment as well as their availability to be completed. For example, you may have a request that is pending review, but if your user account or team is listed as the third stage, the request will not be considered "eligible" for your review until it reaches your stage.

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All ¶ 

The All filter will show you all approval requests, no matter their eligibility status. Use the Request Status filter to narrow down by status.

Mine ¶ 

The Mine filter will show you all approval requests that include your user account as either an individual user stage or as part of a team stage. Use the Request Status filter to narrow down by status.

Eligible ¶ 

The Eligible filter will display all approval requests that are 100% eligible for you to review at this time. Keep in mind, pending requests may exists that are not yet eligible if others need to review the release and and complete their approval stage before yours.

Request Status ¶ 

Request Status filters the requests according to their status. When paired with the Request Eligibility filter, this allows you to narrow down the scope and review a complete history of approval requests on your site, organized by type.

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All ¶ 

The All filter will show all approval requests, regardless of their status. Use with the Request Eligibility filter to narrow the list according to your user account.

Pending ¶ 

The Pending filter will show all currently pending approval requests. Pending requests are still awaiting completion by any or all of the approval stages set in the Approval Process.

Approved ¶ 

The Approved filter will show all approval requests that were reviewed and approved by all stages of the Approval Process.

Rejected ¶ 

The Rejected filter will show all approval requests that were reviewed and then rejected by any stage of the Approval Process. Keep in mind that any approval request that has been rejected references a version of a guide that was never published on the site.

Cancelled ¶ 

The Cancelled filter will show all approval requests that were not reviewed, or the review was not completed for one of two reasons:

  • The Approval Process was altered while the approval request was still in a pending state. Changing an Approval Process with pending requests will automatically close all pending release versions and cancel all open approval requests.
  • Another version of the guide was published before the previous version was reviewed in completion. If another release version is published while the previous version is still pending, the previous version will be closed and the open approval request will be cancelled.

Approval Processes ¶ 

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The Approval Processes Page is a dashboard of all site Approval Processes, where you can create, edit and maintain all Approval Processes for your site content. For more information about these details, review the Approval Processes Help Page.

This page overviews each process, including important details without showing all information unless you click on an individual process. For example, you can scan this page to see which Approval Processes have open requests pending, or which are disabled.

Release Versions ¶ 

The Release Versions page is where you'll find a list of all release versions for every guide on your site. This list is in chronological order.

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