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Authoring Overview ¶ 

The foundation for any good manual is clear and effective step-by-step documentation. This page will help you better understand the tools available to create, maintain and manage your guides to best benefit your users.

Understanding Guide Pages ¶ 

The key to creating the best guides possible is to understand all elements of the guide page itself. Review the following page to delve into the details:

Creating a New Guide ¶ 

This guide overviews the basic process for creating a new guide:

Guide authoring is split into three separate sections to clearly define the content elements that make up the guide: Introduction, Details and Guide Steps.

Introduction Tab ¶ 

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The Guide Introduction is the first tab available when creating and editing a guide. The Introduction is where you can add introductory information for the guide, including the guide summary and guide flags, to help your users become better acquainted with your procedure.

Details Tab ¶ 

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The Details tab is where you can provide essential information about the procedure. Ensure greater success for your users by listing everything they need to know before starting the guide steps —required parts and tools, procedure difficulty, and timing information. You can also add prerequisite guides to import steps from other guides on your site in this tab.

Guide Steps Tab ¶ 

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The Guide Steps tab is where you create the unique steps for any guide. Add images and markers to make your guide as engaging as it is informative. Use explanatory text, bullets, notes, and image markers to make your instructions as clear as possible.

Managing Guides ¶ 

Once you begin to create many guides on your site, you may need to make adjustments as your site content grows.

Organizing Guides ¶ 

The first step in creating a new guide is deciding which category to organize the guide within. Once your guide has been created, you can change the category in which your guide is organized in the Introduction tab of the Guide Edit page.

You can also use the Tags feature to create tags for various guides and display them on other pages of your site using Guide Lists:

Changing a Guide Author ¶ 

The user who creates the guide will automatically be assigned as the author for the guide; however, site administrators have the ability to update the author for any guide on the site to another user.

Deleting Guides ¶ 

If a guide is no longer in use or simply no longer needs to exist, site administrators can delete the guide.

Note: Users with Author privileges are not able to delete a guide unless they are the creator and sole contributor of that guide. Authors can, however, add the Request Guide Deletion Flag to alert site administrators that the flagged guide should be deleted.

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Duplicating Guides ¶ 

You can duplicate any existing guide on your site in order to reuse the guide steps or create templates for other site authors to use to create guides.

Changing Guide Language ID ¶ 

If you create a guide in the wrong language, or duplicate a guide that you wish to translate into a new language, you can use the following guide to learn how to change the Language ID assigned to that guide.

Authoring on Mobile Devices ¶ 

You can author guides using your Smartphone or Tablet using the web browser or the Dozuki Android Application.