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How they are using Dozuki ¶ 

International Telematics' service technicians rely on Dozuki's portable platform
to support their international operations in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The United States

Using a combination of both online access and mobile tablets, International
Telematics is able to provide technicians with consistent documentation that
can be updated in real time.

About International Telematics ¶ 

International Telematics is a privately owned full-service company that
was founded in 2003 as an application developer and service provider
of enterprise fleet management and messaging solutions.

With our customers showing an increasing interest in vehicle
diagnostics, environmental management, driver behaviour and remote
telemetry, the development of a comprehensive vehicle telematics solution,
designed to take advantage of the multiple data streams in modern vehicle,
was the next evolutionary step.

From primary functions, as asset location monitoring, to superior features
such as visibility of driver behaviour, compliance assurance, asset security,
operational performance measurement and environmental impact assessment,
we have continually progressed our solution to put extraordinary value within
our customers’ reach.

In doing so, our product has matured beyond the essential telemetry features
to a comprehensive telematic suite, that combines state-of-the-art, compact
modular hardware, scalable secure software and an attractive and visually
engaging user interface: the ibright® Solution.

International Telematics is passionate about leading the industry in intelligent
and easily integrated vehicle telematics solutions. Our goal is to proactively
improve our customers’ and partners’ profitability and competitive advantage
through the application of our ibright® Solutions.

International Telematics has a global clientele. Our partners and customers
include industry leaders in Freight and Logistics in the United States, Europe
and Australasia, and we have offices in New York, London and New Zealand.