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Prerequisites are guides that contain instructions for one part of a process. For example, let's say that you have two work processes that you will be doing, one is replacing the Home Button on your iPhone 5c and the other is replacing the front-facing camera, microphone, and sensor cable assembly.

Both of these processes require you to take off the front panel assembly of the iPhone. Instead of rewriting the instructions on how to remove the front panel assembly of the iPhone, you can create one guide, a prerequisite guide, on this process and link it to both of these processes.

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How to Use Prerequisites

As the name implies, prerequisites are often used to import the steps from another guide at the beginning of the new guide you are creating or editing. This method is particularly helpful for introductory procedures, safety protocol or simply the beginning stages of multiple procedures.

Using prerequisites can save you plenty of time when it comes to document maintenance as well. Simply update your Prerequisite Guide and see the changes take place across ALL other guides using it as a prerequisite. No more updating the same information across multiple documents!

**Important Note**: Guides must be published and given a release version title before they can be used as a prerequisite guide.

Guide Modules

If many of your guides, procedures or work instructions include identical steps or sub-procedures, using the prerequisite guide tool to create more modular content could save you a ton of time and effort.

The first step is outlining all of your procedures with repeatable steps or sub-procedures and defining the unique vs. repeatable sections of these processes. You'll then create individual guides for each of these sections - these will be your Guide Modules. Depending on your procedures, they may be as short as a single step or have several steps.

To help keep these guide modules separate from other guides in the same Category, consider adding the "Prerequisite Only" flag - for more information see the corresponding section below.

You can then begin creating your first "Container Guide" which will import the steps from all of your prerequisite Guide Modules to make up the content of your end product - a complete guide!

Here is an example:

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Prerequisite Guide List for a Container Guide

Perhaps your next module will use both the first and third prerequisites from this guide, but the second is slightly different, so you'll need to use a different unique prerequisite guide module for your next Container Guide:

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Prerequisite Guide List for a Second Container Guide

Dynamic Work Instructions

As mentioned above, updating a prerequisite guide module will also update ALL other guides using that prerequisite, saving you time and effort when maintaining and updating your procedures. Creating and maintaining modular processes in this manner creates a Dynamic Work Instruction flow across all content on your site.

Importing Tools

Once you have added prerequisite guides, you can also choose to import all tools used for every prerequisite you added:

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Managing Prerequisite Guides

Prerequisite Only Guide Flag

To sort and display the guides used as Prerequisites separately from other guides within the same category, you can use the "Prerequisite Only" flag. This flag will appear at the top of the guide to warn viewers:

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Flagging a Public guide as a "Prerequisite Only" will also move it to a separate section on the Category page:

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Prerequisite Only Guide Section

Furthermore, this flag will also set the Privacy of the guide to Private - hiding it from any standard users viewing your site (even though it is marked as Public in the Editing interface).

Prerequisite Guide Manager

To view a list of all guides used as prerequisites on your site, you can navigate to your Timeline in your Management Console. Select the "Prerequisite Guides" filter option on the Guides page and you will see a list of all guides used a prerequisites on your site.

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You can click on a prerequisite guide to see more information about that guide, including a list of guides that use it as a prerequisite.

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