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Overview ¶ 

To view and export the data you have collected using the Timing & Data Capture Feature, visit the Reports section at the bottom of your Management Console navigation menu.

Timing and Data Capture ¶ 

This section allows you to download data reports about guides with the Data Capture feature activated. These data reports include the work order number that was entered, the user’s name, the cycle time of the entire procedure, the individual step cycle time, and any data collected from prompts on a guide.

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Individual Reports ¶ 

To view the individual entries made for a guide click the link in the Entry Data column.

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This will show you a list of each of the work sessions for this guide, ordered by date. You can click the "View as .PDF" for a PDF report of that work session's data.

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Example PDF Report

Export .CSV Report ¶ 

You can also download a .CSV file that displays all entries ever made for a single guide. This allows you to view, sort, compare and manipulate the data and timing information you collect from Operator View using Microsoft Excel or similar programs. You can even export this information into other programs.

To download the file, simply click the "Download .CSV" link on the Reports page for the guide report you wish to view.

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Example .CSV File in Excel

Keep in mind that the .CSV file is exported in its raw format - you can apply any formatting styles or sorting rules to the columns, rows and cells once you've downloaded the file.

Dashboards ¶ 

Dashboards allow you to view combined metrics from your workstations and work orders. The current default dashboard options include Process Status, Work Order History, and Factory View.

Process Status ¶ 

Take a deeper look at process-specific (guide-specific) metrics including: step-level time distribution, fastest user, slowest user and more.

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Work Order History ¶ 

View an overview of your work order output. Identify trends in your process performance throughput and view detailed work order logs.

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Factory View ¶ 

View all of your tracked operations at a glance. Factory view will give you an overall summary of your process performance and goal efficiencies for your selected date range.

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Training Report ¶ 

This dashboard allows you to see an overview of who has been trained on what procedures on your Dozuki site. You can filter by Guide, Category, and Employee and the dashboard will show who is trained, out of date, and untrained. A user is marked as “Current” if they have completed the guide in Operator View.

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