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Overview ¶ 

You can create links to your pages to make it easy for your users to access specific guides from anywhere. You can even link to specific steps or specific sections on a page to send users right to the information they need.

All How-To Guides ¶ 

You can create a link to a specific guide, or to a specific step within a guide using the following guides.

You can easily upload documents to your Dozuki site and create links to documents from various pages.

Formatting Basics ¶ 

In order for your links to be interpreted correctly, your server address must be formatted according to specific protocol. Links must contain a "suffix" of 2-7 alpha characters following a period.

Examples ¶ 

Acceptable link suffix formats:

These addresses will appear in the correct actionable link format when entered in a link URL address.

  • file://
  • ftp://internalresource.local/file/A/12345.pdf/

Unacceptable link suffix formats:

These addresses will not be recognized as a "link" format and will therefore be displayed in plain text rather than appearing as a link when viewing the page.

  • http://internalresource.a/file/A/12345.pdf/ (only 1 letter)
  • file://internalresource.123/file/A/12345.pdf/ (numeric and not alpha characters)
  • ftp://internalresource/file/A/12345pdf/ (no suffix at all)

Dozuki supports several link protocols:

You can create a link that opens up an email to a specific recipient. Here you can specify the email address, the link text, the subject, and the body. The link format looks like the:

[mailto|(recipient's email address)|(link text)|subject=(the subject)|body=(the body)]

A complete email link will look like this:

[mailto||Say Hello|subject=Hello|body=Just saying hi.]

When formatted, it will Look like this: Say Hello

Users can click the link and it will automatically open up their email with the recipient, subject, and body populated. Both the subject and body components are optional. The only required part of the email link is the recipient's email address.

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