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Overview ¶ 

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Tags are identifiers you can add to your guides that help increase search popularity by adding extra words that users may think of in relation the guide, even if those words and terms are not included in the guide title, summary or step content.

Tags can also be used to display guides in a clear visual format (rather than just a hyperlink) on any other page on your site with the use of Guide Lists.

All How-To Guides ¶ 

Adding Tags to a Guide ¶ 

Guide Lists ¶ 

A dynamic guide list is essentially an incomplete list; and because it's incomplete, you can keep adding items onto it. A dynamic list searches through material on the site looking for tags that are relevant to the list. It then groups all of the guides together in list form.

** NOTE ** Only public guides are currently displayed in guide lists. Private guides will not appear in the list.

For example, let's say you've created guides of varying difficulty levels, but you want to display all the easy guides together on a category page. You can do that with a dynamic guide list:

  • Add a tag to the guide titled "Easy."
  • Once all the related guides are tagged with the same identifying tag of "Easy," create a dynamic guide list on any category or wiki page.

Here is an example of the code you would use to create a dynamic guide list:


You can add a header under which to display your guide list as well:

== Easy Guides ==


This is how it would be displayed on the page:

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You can specify multiple tags per dynamic guide list by using the term "tags" instead of "tag" and separating the tags with commas.


You can also specify the guide type, if your site includes more than the default "How-To" guides.


Note: Guides must be public to show up in their respective lists.