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How they are using Dozuki ¶ 

Xtreme Coil and Drilling Services uses Dozuki for internal service/support documentation
of their products and machinery.

About Xtreme Coil and Drilling Services ¶ 

Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services is an onshore drilling and coiled tubing services
contractor that works with exploration and production companies in the U.S.,
Canada and international markets. Our company was founded in 2005 by a
team of industry veterans with a history of driving innovation in rig engineering.
Today, we operate two fleets that each combine leading-edge technology with
patented advancements: our XDR drilling rigs and our XSR coiled tubing service units.

Xtreme’s drilling rigs are among the industry’s newest, and most are purpose
-built for North America’s unconventional shale plays. Our drilling fleet features
technologies such as the latest AC drive systems, PLC-based controls, automated
pipe handling and large-capacity mud pumps. Additionally, multi-well skidding
systems and modular designs make our drilling rigs highly mobile. Xtreme is
currently drilling primarily in the U.S. Rocky Mountain region with rigs in the
Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado, including the Niobrara Shale, and the Williston
Basin in North Dakota, including the Bakken Shale. We also have rigs
working in Canada’s unconventional plays.

Xtreme offers some of the deepest-reach coiled tubing service units in the world.
Our growing fleet consists primarily of units customized for deep horizontal
resource plays such as those mentioned above. In early 2012, Xtreme deployed
the first of five new extended-reach units to the Eagle Ford Shale, where we quickly
began setting new industry benchmarks for reach with larger-diameter coiled
tubing. We also have two deep re-entry coiled tubing units operating in the Middle East.

With our in-house engineering department and commitment to innovation, Xtreme
continues to introduce new technologies to the industry. We hold numerous
patents worldwide for both drilling technology and transportation techniques that
allow for faster rig-up and rig-out. Additionally, we have more than 80 patent
-related applications in progress in the U.S., Canada and other jurisdictions around
the world.

All our work is focused on the goal of providing deeper, faster, safer performance
that raises your well productivity—and profitability:

  • Deeper — Drilling rigs and coiled tubing units that are purpose-built for deep
    horizontal resource plays
  • Faster — Setting regional and world records for drilling speed and time on well
    while accelerating in-field moves
  • Safer — Technology that protects our crews and minimizes environmental impact