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We’re specialists in building secure architectures that exceed the needs of your most critical enterprise applications. Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, battle tested by millions of end users, and vetted by hundreds of top security professionals, Dozuki always protects your proprietary information.

Single Sign-On

Don’t force your users to remember another username and password. Safely integrate your existing authentication system into the Dozuki platform. You and your users will only need one sign-in, extending even into your mobile app. Your content: protected, never compromised.    

  • Safely control user access from your existing login system
  • Easily implement our Single Sign On (SSO) solution in just a few hours

IP Whitelisting

Always be aware of who is accessing your documentation. Restrict user access only to the devices within your facility. Tighten your security with this additional safeguard in place.

  • Authorize information access to the IP address only within your designated areas
  • Impede inappropriate use of company information from employees outside of work

Bank-Level Encryption

Don’t fear hosting or transferring your critical information in the cloud. Dozuki’s bank-level protection includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. You can confidently send data over the Internet using industry-standard 256-bit encryption.  

  • Safeguard your data from ever being sent in plain text
  • Defend content from unauthorized personnel