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Who is The Impossible Project?

The Impossible Project, founded by Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps and André Bosman, is producing the next generation of instant film photography. In October 2008, they saved the last Polaroid production plant in the eastern Netherlands. Not only are they refurbishing Polaroid’s remaining iconic cameras, but they have developed a new line of analog cameras, giving a new life to instant photography—a market they were told was “impossible” to revive.

A mission coming to life

“We started using Dozuki to write everything from our assembly instructions to user manuals. Since then we’ve had great production time and things are going faster. For one, I haven’t found myself being asked repeated questions about how to do certain tasks.”

Taking on the Polaroid legacy wasn’t easy, but last year, they implemented Dozuki’s platform to help their lean manufacturing goals. Boone admits, “We would create the work instructions in Word and then print them. Dozuki has made the whole process a lot easier. We don’t just want to be paperless for the environment’s sake, we want to be more efficient in our production.” Within just a few months, Impossible’s team built an extensive set of electronic work instructions for assembling their new analog camera, the Instant Lab. And as a company that uses Lean Six Sigma processes, their goal is to make cameras in as few steps as possible. To do so, they are leveraging Dozuki’s prerequisite feature so they can break processes up into smaller tasks. Each of their prerequisites can be linked to multiple procedures.

Organizing your parts and tools

However, one of the Dozuki features that’s helped The Impossible Project practice lean manufacturing the most is the bill of materials. “What’s good about the entire Dozuki system,” says Boone, “is that you can put in a part’s ID number, photo and description. Since we work with modular parts, a thorough bill of materials is a big benefit. Our entire production is lean and organized.