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Empowering Change Through Open Source

Amber Graner, Operations Director and Community Manager for the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, leads this crash course on Open Source communities, highlights how the OCP Foundation inspired—and empowered—organizations to change their data centers’ ecosystems. The core principles of Open Source will help your organization drive change, accelerate innovation, and lower costs.



View this on-demand webinar to learn:

Defining Open Source as it relates to software and hardware

Teaching companies how to move to a Open Source model

Measuring results and saving money

Designing an Open Source community

...and more

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Amber Graner

Operations Director and Community Manager, Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation


Amber is the co-author of The Official Ubuntu Book and has worked with major companies like Canonical, Linaro, and Facebook (a Founder and Board member of OCP). She believes that applying the principles and philosophies that have historically been found in open source software communities to other types of communities will drive innovation and build cohesive and collaborative teams while changing the landscape of that ecosystem.


By applying the experience and lessons learned in the Ubuntu, Linux on ARM (Linaro) and other open communities, she helps traditionally closed organizations learn to openly collaborate to drive innovation within the data center ecosystem.