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Simplified Technical English (STE)

Streamline what you say and how you say it in this webinar with Shumin Chen, Head of Training and Implementation at Shufrans TechDocs. Simplified Technical English (STE) first reached popularity as a controlled language in Aerospace and Defense industries. Given the success of STE and its adaptability, it’s being increasingly applied to various document types and across other technical industries to achieve global standardization.


View this on-demand webinar to learn:

How-to standardize technical writing styles

How providing accurate information Improves collaboration across facilities

How-to increase the reusability of content

Ways to obtain cheaper, higher quality translations

...and more

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Shumin Chen

Co-founder and Head of ASD-STE100 Training, Shufrans TechDocs


Shumin focuses on the practical implementation of international technical English writing standards to facilitate the efficient creation and management of multilingual documentation. Since 2006, she has helped many companies with their documentation needs, based on standards where possible, and is widely regarded as a leading expert in ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English, aviation documentation and multilingual documentation.