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Tips for Instructional Videos

Your electronic work instructions are good. Let’s make them great. In this webinar, Andrew Goldberg and Gwendolyn Gay of iFixit will show you how to effectively incorporate videos into electronic work instructions and training programs. Whether you are a film novice or brushing up on your existing skills, this webinar will teach you when to strategically put videos in your guides, how to properly and clearly frame every video, and how to ensure the constant success of your end users.


View this on-demand webinar to learn:

Distinguishing an effective video from a detrimental video

Professional strategies for framing—positioning, lighting, and focusing

Setting up equipment in a studio versus in the field

Storyboarding your videos into appropriately ordered steps

...and more

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Andrew Goldberg

Product Engineer, iFixit


After graduating from Cal Poly in the Spring of 2012 with a degree in General Engineering, Andrew got into Mechatronics, a multidisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on the combination of several kinds of engineering to design awesome systems, like a polar plotter, built in about four weeks with a near-zero budget.


A former Lead Technical Writer for iFixit—the leading online repair manual—he now helps develop world class products to help others learn to tinker, fix, and build.

Gwendolyn Gay

Former Video Host, iFixit


Gwendolyn Gay is the former host, writer, content creator for iFixit’s YouTube channel, which boasts more than 300,000 international subscribers. As host, she tore down the newest consumer electronics, walked viewers through device repairs, and showcased innovative repairers around the world.