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Join Amber Graner, Operations Director and Community Manager for the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, for "Empowering Change Through Open Source." Amber is the co-author of The Official Ubuntu Book and has worked with major companies like Canonical, Linaro, and Facebook (a Founder and Board member of OCP). In this crash course on Open Source communities, she will show us how the OCP Foundation inspired—and empowered—organizations to change their data centers' ecosystems. And examine how Open Source principles drive change, accelerate innovation, and lower costs. 

This workshop covers:

  • Defining Open Source as it relates to software and hardware
  • Designing an Open Source community
  • Navigating the hybrid business model: open vs closed
  • Teaching companies how to move to a Open Source model
  • Measuring results and saving money
  • Deciding if it makes sense for your company
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