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== New Features == * New long-awaited '''category template''' controls! ** When editing a category page, you can now choose between a slideshow or static image for the main image that is displayed. ** This feature is the prelude to being able to choose from multiple distinct layout templates, per category page. ** These templates will give you much better control over how your content appears on each individual category page. * Added the ability for site owners to unsubscribe from Dozuki Welcome Emails. Uncheck the appropriate email checkbox in your user profile on your site to unsubscribe. * Changed the "Unpublished Guides" header in your user profile to "Unpublished Guides I've Worked On" to more accurately reflect the list of guides shown. == Bug Fixes == * Fixed a bug where Admins were able to edit user settings for iRobot. ** iRobot is an account which takes the blame for many automated actions that occur on customers' sites. * Fixed a bug that prevented users from submit a [|Dozuki Contact form]. * Logged out users can no longer view the Edit or History pages for categories when Public Editing is disabled. * Fixed a bug where some users improperly had access to the Teams feature. The feature is now properly only available on Guidebook Workshop / Answers Community plans and larger. == Optimizations == * Improved the appearance of the Dozuki footer when a custom footer is also being used. * All Notes on Guides are now referred to as Comments. This phrasing is more clear, and accurate. * Improved help text in the Category Manager.