Implementing standardized procedures is easy. Download our PDF to see how.

Turn Company Knowledge Into a Group Asset


Connect employees with the information they need to improve your business.


Create Standard Operating Processes

Build a Digital Library of Company Knowledge

It’s never been easier to get your company working from the same page. Build your own digital library of company procedures and interactive visual guides.

Fast Authoring

Get up and running quickly with our intuitive interface, or easily upload existing MS Office and PDF documents.

Multimedia Support

Showcase best practices with visuals. Photos, videos, or CAD files are all supported and can be edited with built-in markup tools.

Instant Distribution

Release newly approved versions across locations and devices quickly, making sure everyone is working from the current standard.

Share Only Approved Standards

Train Employees with Consistency

With digital instructions, you can ensure employees are trained on up-to-date information and control training requirements. Share relevant procedures across teams and locations—from anywhere.

Version Control

Ensure that users have instant access to process updates, and archive old versions for audit records. Trust that teams are only working with the most current information.

Digital Forms

Connect your digital procedures with your digital business tools. Insert customizable prompts throughout Dozuki to track the data that matters to your growth.

Language Support

With over 80 languages to choose from, built-in translation tools make it easy to localize your documentation to any user.

Power Your Company with Dozuki

Get valuable information out of the heads of your longtime workforce, and in front of new employees.

Dozuki Data Tracking
Analyze and Track Progress

Move from Insight to Action Quickly

Resolve issues by viewing data in real-time, reducing rework, and identifying efficiency gains. Dozuki moves you from insight to action quickly.

Real-time Reporting

Stream live data from anywhere. Customizable dashboards let you track timing, errors, training, work order progress, and so much more.

Custom Signoffs

Confirm training on procedure changes, and identify those in need of training with validated signoffs. All records are stored for future audits and training needs.

API Integration

Sync with your existing MES, ERP, LMS, and business analytics systems using our robust API.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Get Smarter and Iterate Faster

When you combine valuable employee insights with quantitative production data, your company gets smarter and iterates faster.

Dozuki Continuous Improvement

Feedback Tools

Gather insights from employees directly within procedures, allowing them to call out opportunities for future improvement and gains.

Approval Workflows

Create custom workflows and apply them to specific processes. Any edits to existing approval processes will automatically sync across all linked documents.

Custom User Teams

Communicate effectively and quickly with specific employees or teams, reducing confusion and engaging targeted groups.

Additional Features

Custom Migration Services

Our team will convert your existing documentation to your new Dozuki site.

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Local Hosting

Host your Dozuki instance on your own internal servers.

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ISO Compliance

Share with auditors, maintain records, set standards, and demonstrate training verification.

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PDF and XML Export

Automatically generate customized PDF and XML versions of your documents.

Mobile App

Custom iOS or Android apps empower you to keep the look and feel of your brand.

Custom CSS

Modify the CSS and HTML style of your Dozuki instance to maintain your branding.

Prerequisite Tasks

Require users to complete a related process, helpful in creating training curriculum.

Guide Privacy

Protect information by restricting access to content by user or team.


Make changes to procedures, large or small, from on-site or off-site.

Custom Fields

Insert prompts within processes to gather data on timing, quality issues, signoffs, and more.

Sitewide Search

Search across all accessible guides, wikis, parts, tools, and more.

Instant Notifications

Receive on-site alerts when action is required or changes have been made to processes.

Revision History

A complete history of content edits, both approved and denied.

Bill of Materials

Specific call-outs for parts and tools required for each procedure.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Log into your company intranet to sign in instantly and securely.

Power Your Company with Dozuki

Get valuable information out of the heads of your longtime workforce, and in front of new employees.

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Version Control and Approval Workflows
Digital Forms and Real-time Dashboards
Support and Training
ISO 9001:2015 Compliance
IP Whitelisting
Multilingual Support
API Integrations
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