Formatting Basics ¶ 

In order for your links to be interpreted correctly, your server address must be formatted according to specific protocol. Links must contain a "suffix" of 2-7 alpha characters following a period.

Examples ¶ 

Acceptable link suffix formats:

These addresses will appear in the correct actionable link format when entered in a link URL address.

  • file://
  • ftp://internalresource.local/file/A/12345.pdf/

Unacceptable link suffix formats:

These addresses will not be recognized as a "link" format and will therefore be displayed in plain text rather than appearing as a link when viewing the page.

  • http://internalresource.a/file/A/12345.pdf/ (only 1 letter)
  • file://internalresource.123/file/A/12345.pdf/ (numeric and not alpha characters)
  • ftp://internalresource/file/A/12345pdf/ (no suffix at all)

Dozuki supports several link protocols:


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