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Document Existing Process Standards

Create company standards to improve upon with our work instruction software.

  • Standardized, intuitive step-by-step visual guides
  • Built-in photo markup tools
  • Custom approval workflows for new versions
  • Link to related documents within guides
  • Upload photos, videos, MS Office, and other media files
  • Create from anywhere
Document Existing Process Standards

Train Your Teams

Distribute new best practices across facilities and teams with a simple click, ensuring training is done based on established, controlled standards.

  • Version control
  • Data collection and validation
  • Revision history and tracking for future audits
  • Distribute updates instantly
  • Built-in support for over 80 languages
  • Restrict access based on groups or admin levels
Train Your Teams

Analyze and Track Progress

Resolve issues by viewing data in real-time, reducing rework, and following efficiency gains from anywhere.

  • Integrate with existing ERP systems
  • Real-time API integrations
  • Instantly generate customized reports
  • Insert customizable data capture prompts throughout processes
  • Stream live production data from anywhere
  • Review and confirm employee training for certain equipment or techniques
Analyze and Track Progress

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Gather feedback directly within processes, engaging employees who do the work.

  • Custom approval workflows
  • Instant commenting and feedback tools
  • User groups for specific departments, work groups, and project teams
  • Gather feedback directly within procedures
  • Review collected data to identify improvement areas
  • Iterate faster with instant version releases
Focus on Continuous Improvement
Anne Klonowski

Anne Klonowski, Quality Technician at Automation Plastics

"Real-time Information"

Dozuki gives us the ability to have real-time information for operators, and people on the floor. The approval process moves much faster than using our old system of placing paper on someone's desk, most are approved within 24 hours.

Kevin Broughton

Kevin Broughton, IT Director at Sterling Bank Services


I’ve been looking for a solution like Dozuki for 10 years. New employees can now do something that, without Dozuki, would have required a lot more investment in time and resources.

Justin Formella

Justin Formella, CIO at MBX Systems

"Reducing Defects"

We’ve seen our defects reduced because of clarity of the new Dozuki documentation. Plus, breaking up the steps into nice and clean segments, including markdowns, helps keep our site clean and professional.

Assembly Magazine

Assembly Magazine

"Endless Benefits"

The benefits of implementing electronic work instructions include cost savings, productivity enhancement, and error proofing.

How-to Train the Next Generation of Manufacturers


How-to Train the Next Generation of Manufacturers

Strategies and insights for facing the challenge of engaging a younger workforce.


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