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Digitize Knowledge and Expand Skills

When you don't have accessible process docs - or when standards aren't up to date - production suffers. Dozuki makes it easy to digitize, access, and train to processes. Allowing operations leaders to reduce downtime and improve worker productivity.


Introducing CreatorPro: The AI-Powered Knowledge Capture Accelerator

Digitize Process Knowledge

Enable your frontline workers with the knowledge and support to perform safely and to standards. Easily capture and centralize the knowledge of experts, making it easy to share across shifts and locations.

  • Accelerate digitization with AI
  • Show expert knowledge with photos and videos
  • Track, approve, and release documented procedures
  • Translate in over 100 languages
Digital Work Instructions
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Upskill Workers

Turn documented standards into training programs to fill skills gaps. Eliminate job shadowing by distributing standardized guidance across production lines, departments, and facilities.

  • Turn documented standards into training programs
  • Accelerate time to competency and productivity
  • Increase worker engagement and fill skills gaps
Operational Training

The Dozuki connected worker solution is on track to save millions of dollars on just one of our lines this year. It’s a game changer.

Plant Manager Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Improve Processes

Capture feedback to improve process standards and uncover actionable insights. Engaging your workforce to participate in improving standards and boosting performance.

Continuous Improvement

Accelerate with Dozuki Services

Offset limited internal resources with the Dozuki services team. We are available remotely and in person to do the heavy lifting so you can launch Dozuki faster and see results quickly.

  • Dedicated implementation team
  • Convert existing content into Dozuki
  • Create new content for use in Dozuki 10x faster with our AI-enabled accelerator
  • Interactive enablement workshops
Transformation Services
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Improve Performance

Grow more efficient as you digitize and scale knowledge with Dozuki.

48 %


in employee turnover rate

41 %


time to competency

63 %


in changeover time

55 %


in knowledge capture time

We’ve never trained people this quickly. New employees are becoming certified operators almost immediately instead of waiting a full year.

Human Resources Manager Fortune 500 Motion and Control Technology Manufacturer

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