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Digitizing Manufacturing Knowledge

Increase productivity, decrease downtime, and strengthen employee engagement with Dozuki.

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Improve Performance

Grow more efficient as you digitize and scale knowledge with Dozuki.

48 %


in employee turnover rate

41 %


time to competency

63 %


in changeover time

55 %


in knowledge capture time

Partnering for Success

More than 600 companies in 38 countries have partnered with us on their frontline digital transformation journey. Join us.

The Dozuki connected worker solution is on track to save millions of dollars on just one of our lines this year. It’s a game changer.

Plant Manager Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Manufacturer

In just one year with Dozuki, we reduced employee turnover by 50%.

Training Coordinator American Paperboard Manufacturer

Dozuki helped us fix a culture of information that was not current or standard across sites.

Operational Technology Engineer 3M

After comparing Dozuki to other options, it became a clear choice. The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off... just like navigating a website.

Lead Manufacturing Engineer Boom Supersonic

The Dozuki Process

Empower Your Frontline to Drive Optimized Performance and Productivity

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1 The Dozuki Process

Digitize Process Knowledge

  • Easily capture expert knowledge with photos and videos

  • Track, approve, and release documented procedures

  • Choose from more than 100 languages in one click

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2 The Dozuki Process

Upskill Frontline Workers

  • Turn documented standards into training programs

  • Accelerate time to competency and productivity

  • Increase worker engagement and fill skills gaps

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3 The Dozuki Process

Optimize and Improve

  • Connect Dozuki to external systems with LMS, QMS, and ERP integrations

  • Review cycle time goals with live production data

  • Gather and implement feedback from your experienced workers

We’ve never trained people this quickly. New employees are becoming certified operators almost immediately instead of waiting a full year.

Human Resources Manager Fortune 500 Motion and Control Technology Manufacturer
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Dozuki for Your Industry

Manufacturing companies trust Dozuki with their frontline digital transformation. Frontline workers need new and better tools to help them through this change. That’s where we come in.

Built for Manufacturing

Streamline your production processes while keeping workers engaged, safe, and productive.

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