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Overview ¶ 

A guide's history shows you the entire timeline of changes to the guide. You can even revert back to any previous state. To see the revision history, click the "History" tab in the upper right corner of the guide or select "History" from the Options menu.

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Who Can View a Guide's History? ¶ 

On Dozuki sites without the Community Editing feature, only users with Admin or Author privileges can access a Guide History page.

On Dozuki sites with the Community Editing feature enabled, any user can view the history of a guide, but only admins or page creators can revert to past guide revisions.

Parts of the History Page ¶ 

The "History" page includes three main sections, History, Past Guide Revisions, and Guide Ownership.

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Edit History ¶ 

The main section of this page is the edit history. It shows all of the changes that have been made to the guide, listed in chronological order.

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  • You can click on any of the edits in blue and it will link to a page showing exactly what was changed.
  • The name to the right of the edit shows who made it.
    • Clicking it will send you to their profile page.
    • Profiles with diamonds to the right of their names are Administrators.

Release Versions

On Dozuki sites with the Version Control feature enabled, the Guide History Page will include the Release Versions ordered by date as well:

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  • You can click on the blue release version link to view that specific release version of the guide.
  • The release version title link also includes the Author who published the guide or the Approval Process that approved/rejected that version.
  • Some releases may be marked as "Closed" because they have been cancelled.

Patrolled Edits

On Dozuki sites with the Community Editing feature enabled, all users have the ability to submit changes for guides. Site authors and admins, as well as users with enough reputation have permission to accept or deny submitted changes.

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  • The "Accepted By" column shows the user who accepted the submitted change.
  • Some edits will have lines through them and will say "denied" in parentheses. These indicate submitted edits that have been denied.

Browse Revisions ¶ 

On all guide history pages, there is a "Browse past guide revisions" section. This tool allows you to view and revert to old editions of the guide.

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  • Click the link to view guide changes over time to review specific editions of the guide.
    • You can select from a specific date and time and revert to a previous edition of a guide.
  • For Dozuki sites with Version Control, you will see a list of previously published release versions.
    • Click on the Release Version link to view the previous release.
    • You can Revert to any previously published release versions.

Guide Ownership ¶ 

In this section, you can see the exact percentage of work site users have contributed to the final guide.

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Every profile that has contributed a significant amount of information to this page will appear here with the percentage of the page that they added. This takes into account creating steps, uploading pictures, etc. On Dozuki sites with the Community Editing feature enabled, the reputation awarded from successful completion of this guide is split proportionately between all contributors to the page based on this percentage.