Introduction ¶ 

Hello fellow Dozuki users. Thanks for checking out my profile. I have worked in the sales and marketing department here at Dozuki since December 2011. I am an entrepreneur by heart and enjoy the feeling of contributing to an unestablished organization.

My day to day activities require me to speak with some awesome companies and individuals. The opportunity to research and speak with such a wide array of organizations is exciting and inspiring. Just about every entrepreneur I talk with has a unique and motivating story to tell.

Favorite Guide ¶ 

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I enjoy taking a look at the wonderful guides and manuals created by our customers. A few of my favorites are:

Education ¶ 

While most of my co-workers are products of the great "learn by doing" institution known as Cal Poly, I offer some educational diversity to our workplace. I completed my undergraduate degree at Duke University in 2006. In 2012 I completed my MS degree in Administration from Cal State Bakersfield.

Questions ¶ 

If you ever have any questions or need assistance please contact me directly, I would love to help you. My office number is 805-540-6325. Brian at